Flowers behind the scenes...

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I haven't written a blog post in a while so I thought it would be fun to take time out today to share some behind the scenes info in regards to the flowers that I embed in my resin pieces!

(Flattened Hydrangea)
Believe it or not! 99% of the flowers that I use in my pieces have been hand picked and dried by me. This means if you have a resin piece with an embedded flower -  You have just acquired something super special and unique!

Flowers are seasonal, so if I use up all of that kind - it's not possible to get more until the next season!

I've mostly experimented with Baby's Breath, Statice and Cherry Blossoms, they are prominent in my style of work and with just those three kinds I feel like the ideas are endless! You can embed just the petals, the whole flower, dry the flower, leave it to wither, and last but not least flatten them for a totally different effect! Each and every flower also dries differently and may look different after they've been dried. Also, it is possible to dye a flower a different colour...  if you remember which colour I tried to dye my flowers - leave your answer in the comments!

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Last weekend...

 I visited a flower farm to pick up some fresh lavender and I ended up being able to get a tour around the farm and learn about the history in regards to gardening, planting and farms in general! The amount of effort put into each soil bed, the weeds that grow around the plant, and having to deal with having what you planted getting eaten by bugs or animals is really fascinating to me. It is also a skill that is learned over time to understand how much water, sunlight and shade they all need! It must be tiring especially because you are out in the sun all day tending to these plants. Overall it is really an eye opening experience and something that is done with dedication and time!

Knowing these facts I came home determined to do my flowers justice! With my new found knowledge and appreciation you guys will see more variety of flowers coming into the shop and also the chance to learn about different flower types. This way not only will I be learning as I go - you guys can learn something new too!

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Fun Facts!
1. Did you know certain flowers can still bloom after its been cut from its stem?
2. Flowers can look the same but some can contain allergens while others don't?
3.  Some flowers can be maintained for a while after its been picked while others can shrivel up within minutes?
If you already knew these facts props to you! Please feel free to share with us your tips and tricks with flowers, and what your favourite kind is... you just might see it in the next set of resin pieces to come out~ <3




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