I can't believe it...

First blog post of 2022 and it's already March! Time passes so quickly and so much has happened. I posted on Subtle Asian Traits about a month ago and honestly the responses I received made me so emotional. For a long time now I made resin charms and slowly grew my following with a lot of hard work. Many times I felt like I didn't know if what I was doing was worth the time or if anyone really liked my creations outside of my long time supporters. I wanted to make a change for 2022 and really put myself out there and be creative in many different ways. To receive such an amazing response it just pushes me to work a lot harder. This is just the beginning but I wanted to document this small success to remind myself that it's okay to feel lost once in a while but working hard at what you love will slowly get you to where you want to be. <3 


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